Blooming mad for bloomers

I think I may have a slight obsession with buying baby bloomers for Nina James, but do you blame me? They’re so damn cute. Every time I dress her in a pair I secretly cry inside because I know that my time has looooong past for it to be socially acceptable for me to be in a pair of these. Yip those days are gone, along with eating everything with your hands, being carried around everywhere and having knees that look like the squishest marshmallows on the block. Sigh, getting old sucks. But at least I get to dress my Nini up in all these cute things.

I just have to give a special shout out to Bailey from Kimmy and Bear who sent Nina the amazing red and white checkered bonnet and bloomer set below. Her mom made them for her and I can’t get over how cute they are. Thanks so much guys! And if Bailey’s mom is reading this, I just want to warn you that if I ever see you out and about I’m going to kidnap you and lock you in a cupboard with a sewing machine, you have been warned so don’t be surprised when I jump you. Yours sincerely, Angie.

All other bloomers came from good old Country Road, or as I like to call it Bloomer Country.











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