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What Nina James is like – 3 months

Today Nina James Durrant is 3 months old. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday while I was lying in bed next to her and I was amazed at how much she has changed and grown in such a short amount of time. You know everyone kept and keeps telling me to appreciate every moment with her because it all goes by so fast and before I know it she won’t be a baby anymore, I’m starting to believe they’re right. She changes so much it’s actually scary, sometimes I can see a difference in a day.

So what I have decided to do is document her every few months, write about what she looks like, her mannerisms and just how she changes and grows. I got this idea from a blogger I follow that runs a site called The Stork and The Beanstalk, she has 2 boys that she writes about and I really enjoy her stories and her awesome photos.


What my Nina James Durrant is like at 3 months:

Lately I have noticed a huge difference in the way Nina interacts with us and it’s so awesome to be able to almost entertain her. I mean obviously she has become more aware of her surroundings and sounds and light and shadows, she loves shadows and stripes, she goes nuts for them, she will literally stare at things like that forever if I let her. I have discovered that one of my most favourite things to do with her is, lie her on a pillow in my lap and chat, it’s like she is genuinely interested in everything that I have to say, she smiles at me, a lot and she looks at me with the most caring eyes that sometimes make me feel quite emotional, because I can already see what a soft and gentle creature she is going to be.

She doesn’t squint anymore, for a while there I really thought we might have a squinter on our hands, her little eyes would cross so far in I didn’t think they would ever find their way back again. Her eyes are getting darker by the day, so she’s changing from ‘mommies blue eyed-girl’ to ‘mommies brown-eyed girl’. She still doesn’t really have much hair on the top of her head, she has a bit, but not a lot, which still baffles me because when I look at Shane and I, I really thought she was going to come out my stomach shaking her hair around in slow-motion, like a well paid extra in a Pantene commercial. She has blonde eyebrows, so often it doesn’t look like she has any, which makes me laugh. Her cheeks I swear get slightly bigger every day and she has now discovered her hands and how much fun it is to try and get not one, but all fingers in her mouth at the same time. I’m worried she’s soon going to discover that the thumb is the number 1 preferred digit around the world to suck, every now and then she discovers it, but then the rest of them get in the way.

She never cries for nothing, if she does cry, 9 times out of 10 there is a reason for it. She loves hanging over my shoulder and being bopped around. Shane and I call her our jacket when she does that, because it looks like we’re walking around the flat with a baby shaped jacket casually draped over our shoulders. She has the cutest feet and on each one, her 2nd to last toe is curled behind her baby toe, the doctor says they’ll probably straighten out when she starts walking. When I change her I place her feet on my face and she gives me what I like to call a ‘foot hug’, this is when she curls her little toes around my nose, it kills me.

She loves it when I sing to her, or so I like to think she does. My favourites to belt out are ‘Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls’, ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-go’ and ‘Gooood morrrrrning baaaabbbyyy Niiiiii-nnnaaaaa (wrote that 1 myself), she responds equally well to all of them. When I bop her on the tummy, then the mouth then her nose she smiles/laughs, hard, her whole face scrunches up, just like her Dad’s. She hasn’t started making actual laughing sounds yet, but she’s getting there. She has however started making some sounds, like high-pitched yelping, which is super funny. It’s as if she’s trying to talk, she’s probably trying to tell me to stop singing, I’ll be the first to admit that’s not one of my strong points.

She started out not liking the dummy and still to this day treats it like an irritating second cousin that no one wants to talk to at a party. If she doesn’t want it, she just spits it out and that is that. The dummy has however helped with getting her to sit in the pram and carseat, which she also is slowly getting used to. Believe it or not those 2 places are not her most favourite hangouts, but the situation is getting better. Thanks dummy.

She sleeps with both arms outstretched next to her, so it looks like she’s always celebrating. Some days she gets into a certain mood where all she wants to do is lie in my lap or over my shoulder and doesn’t want to be put down, so I literally become like a human pillow. It can become tiring at times, but when I look at her and she looks back at me and gives me one of her grins, I’m only more than happy to give her exactly what she wants, which is my attention. For now she sleeps through the night, while during the day she naps for different periods of time. If I lie next to her in our bed and stroke her head and face she’ll fall asleep a bit quicker. Every single time she wakes up and sees myself or Shane, she without fail smiles at us and every time it makes my heart grow that much bigger for her.

She is my most favourite part of every day and one of my most favourite humans (love you my Shane) in this world and even though she’s only been here for 12 weeks, I feel like she’s always been with us and life just keeps getting better.

The end.

Ps- Thanks Andrew for the family portraits and Anna-Ballas for the one of Shane and Nina together xx









 Originally published on Lucky Pony on the 29th of October 2014

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