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What my Nina James is like at 1 year and 2 days old


angie and nina

Oh my Nina, this is what I chant every chance I get whether I’m with her or not. I know it sounds strange but I really do, this child is literally on my mind all the time no matter what I’m doing or where I am. Nina turned a whole 365 days old on the 29th of July. On that day we received a whole bunch of calls and messages congratulating us and we felt so blessed to have so many people sending such good wishes to our baby girl. Thanks to everyone who did, Shane and I really appreciate it!

The last time I wrote one of these was over 3 months ago and since then she has changed a bucketload. First of all she has hair. Hooray! If I could add all existing celebratory emoticons to this sentence I would. Gone are the days of her hardly having any locks at the top of her head, she now has little tiny curls that are starting to form and if I try really hard I can make the world’s tiniest ponytail at the back of her head. She’s fair like her dad and definitely doesn’t have my yellow tinge, yes I have a yellow tinge to my skin, when Shane and I hold hands it looks like a Simpson and a pink jellyfish are being romantic. Anyway….. Neens is fair, but her eyes are dark like mine. She is super alert and sees and hears everything. I think her favourite sound in the world is the the Skype ringtone and the front door being opened, she gets so excited that every now and then she snort laughs (which she totally gets from me).




Another thing she absolutely loves and maybe some moms out there can tell me if this is a common thing amongst babes, is paper. But not to play with it, no no no she likes to eat it. If there was such a thing as a professional paper eater then I think our Neens would be destined for great things, she can plough through a Woolworths receipt like no ones business. She also really really likes Kiri cheese. I think if I had to combine the two things and make her a paper cheese sandwich she would love me forever.

At nine months old she was crawling from one corner of the house to the next and literally zooming around in her walking ring like an animated character from an episode of the Road Runner, I kept waiting to see tread marks on our wooden floors. But now her crawling is slowly becoming less and less as she takes to her feet and stumbles around from the couch to her dad to me and always with a massive smile on her face as if she knows just how clever she is being. She has also nearly got waving down to a fine art and claps every time we wave back at her. She’s probably applauding us for learning how to greet her, you never know…


One of the things Nina does that kills me every time is when she hears my voice coming from another room she calls for me “Mamama mama mama” and then frantically looks around to see where I am. When I hear that sound I could literally run through a wall to get to her, luckily though I can just use a door otherwise this post would probably read a little something like this – sdjfd dijgjdfjfdgsfgn,m ,fjdfgjfg,jsc,n. jvldhbjnkjhgs6u5678986769000p jhdehhiojio. She says a couple of other words/sounds too and I swear that every now and then I hear her say her own name, I wouldn’t be surprised seeing as I’m saying it ALL the time “Oh my Nina!”.


This past year with her has been amazing, there have been a lot of awesome times and there have been a couple of rough ones too. There were definitely moments were Shane and I would look at each other and say “What the hell now?” times where she would just be crying and nothing would make her happy. There were also a few moments where fevers were high, pending teeth were causing heartache and not even a cheese and paper sandwich was welcomed as a treat. It’s horrible seeing your little in distress, but I must say we have been very lucky and haven’t had too many episodes like that – touch wood.

I have also learnt so much about myself in the last year. I have learnt that constant morning sickness, backache and tiredness can all be easily forgotten. I have learnt that I can carry ten and half kgs up and down three flights of stairs with one arm and that I can watch the same little human do the same thing over and over again for hours and not get bored. I’ve learnt how to butter toast AND ice a cake with one hand and I’ve learnt that I definitely want more kids in my life and if they are anything like Nina James then the more the merrier.




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